• Clowns: The Art of Losing

Clowns: The Art of Losing

Leo Bassi - Clown

In this lecture, the famous clown Leo Bassi gives his view of the world of circus and clowns. A view that differs from the romanticised version held by most people. In his view, circus is a much more politicised environment, where the working class finds pride in a utopian adventure under the big top. Bassi sees circus as the revenge of the losers, where poor and common people can prove that they too can dream and live adventurous lives. The clown goes one step further: by glorifying the fool, he destroys the power of power and opens the way to a classless, democratic society where laughter is the great equaliser.


do 6 september 20:00-21:00u
Locatie 3: Minderbroedersberg 4